Homework Help!

¡Tienes tarea! You have homework!

Step 1: Call Señora Stevenson at the following number:
siete-siete-tres/ dos-tres-cuatro-tres-siete-nueve-cero
(NUMBERS CHEAT SHEET– you should know these!!!)

Step 2: Leave me the following message in Spanish:

1) Say a greeting.       EXAMPLES:    Buenos días. / Buenas tardes.
2) Tell me your name.   EXAMPLE:  Me llamo Curtis Williams.
3) Tell me your favorite food. SENTENCE STEM: Mi comida favorita es _(name a food in Spanish).
4) Say what you want to eat.    SENTENCE STEM:  Quiero _(name a different food in Spanish).
5) Say good-bye (not adios)     EXAMPLES:   Hasta luego. / Ciao. / Nos vemos.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE: No worries. Just hang up, call back, and start again. I will only listen to the last message from each phone number.