Recovery Unit 2

IMPORTANT: You MUST MEMORIZE all subject pronouns- English to Spanish- to pass this course!

Quizlet link: Subject pronouns

Quizlet link: Estar


Objective: Students will identify & describe the countries of the Spanish speaking world

Practice Link: Central & South America Practice

Instructions: Under the “Countries” column, click on the map tab next to “Level L- Tutorial” to be introduced to the countries. Move down to different tabs as you become more familiar with the country names.

Explore more geography HERE.


Objective: Students will identify days of the week and months of the year, and express dates.

Quizlet: Days

Quizlet: Months

Quizlet: Numbers 0-30  (review)


To write the date in Spanish, follow this pattern:

El     +     (number)     +     de     +      (month)

For example:     El   14   de enero       January 14th

To say “it is” before the date, use “es…”

For example: Es el catorce de enero.  It is January 14th.


Objective: Students will describe changes in season in different parts of the world.

Quizlet link: Seasons, weather & questions


Objective: Students will talk about where they and others go.

Quizlet link: Ir


To say where you are going:

a = to                              For example: Yo voy a San Francisco.  I’m going to San Francisco.

If you are going to a place that begins with “el” – such as el parque, a + el = al.

For example: Yo voy al parque.    I’m going to the park.


Unit Questions

¿Cuándo es tu cumpleanos?

¿Dónde estás?

¿Adónde vas?

¿Cómo está el clima?