Standard 3

Standard 3: Student will read, write, speak and listen about the house and household chores.

Week 1 Objective: Students will identify rooms and items in a house.

Quizlet Link: House words




Week 2 Objective: Students will use the present progressive to express ongoing action.

Quizlet link: Estar

Quizlet link: Present Progressive


Week 3 Objective: Students will identify common house chores and related time phrases.

Quizlet link: Chores & phrases

Quizlet link: CHORES ONLY



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Standard 1:


Standard 2:

Standard 3: Listen to the audio and answer the questions that follow.


  1. When is the family cleaning?
  2. Where is Juan?
  3. Where is Jorge?
  4. What is Maria doing?
  5. What is Olivia doing?