Standard 4 (Clothes & Shopping)

Su trabajo para martes el 27 de febrero:

  1. Complete the practice quiz on Quia: CLICK HERE
  2. Be sure to use your first and last name.
  3. Repeat the practice quiz until you have earned at least 80% (12/14).
  4. Only you last attempt will be counted.
  5. If you finish early, review vocab or grammar on this page, or complete the next Mi Vida Loca episode.


Standard 6: Students will be able to read, write, speak, and listen about clothing and shopping.


CO QUIZ 1 Objective: Students will choose and conjugate ser or estar in given situations.


CO QUIZ 2 Objective: Students will identify common clothing items.





CO QUIZ 3 Objective: Students will use definite & indefinite articles with given nouns.




CO QUIZ 4: Objective: Students will identify common shopping words & tell what different people did in the past.

QUIZLET: Las compras

Objective: Student will conjugate -AR verbs in the past tense. (QUIZ 4)

INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Click the link below. 2) Click the red “time me” button (so it WON’T time you). 3) Click the blue “customize” button. 4) Hold down the “Ctrl” button on the keyboard and select all the “-ar” verbs. Then click “ALL BUT vosotros.” 5) Click OK and then click “Start.”

CONJUGUEMOS: Past (preterit) tense

Listening review

La ropa game

La ropa game 2 (click on “Play Game”)


Objective: Students will use demonstrative pronouns and adjectives to tell which items they are referring to.

QUIZLET: Demonstratives