Standard 5 (Daily Routines)

Objective: Students will understand short audio clips relating to daily routine.

Task: Complete the Quia Listening Activity. Earn at least 80%.



CO1 Objective: Students will use present tense verbs to tell what activities people do at different times.

CONJUGUEMOS: Verb conjugation practice

Instructions: Click the blue “Customize” button, click “all but Vosotros” and “OK,” then click the red “Start” button.


QUIA PRACTICE QUIZ: Verb conjugation practice

Objective: Students will use transition words to communicate the order in which people do different activities.

QUIZLET: Transition Words

Objective: Students will be able to tell at what time people do different activities.

QUIZLET: What time things happen


CO2 Objective: Students will identify reflexive verbs relating to daily routines.

QUIZLET: Reflexive Verb Meanings

BATTLESHIP GAME: Reflexive Verb Meanings


CO3 Objective: Students will use reflexive verbs to tell what different people do during daily routine.

RAGS TO RICHES GAME: Reflexive Verb Conjugation

VIDEO 1: Introduction of Reflexive Verbs


VIDEO 2: Review of Reflexive Verbs








QUIZLET: Body parts